Form, packaging and composition. Valium is a medicinal product that can be purchased in the form of an injection solution, as well as in the form of tablets. What is included in these tools? In 1 ml of solution for injection contains 5 mg of diazepam. Such medication goes on sale in 50 or 10 ampules of dark glass with a volume of 2 ml, placed in cardboard packs. As for the tablets, they can contain 10 or 5 mg of diazepam, as well as the following additional ingredients: corn starch, anhydrous lactose, calcium stearate, gelatinized starch, colorants.
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“Valium” in tablet form is packed in cardboard packs that contain cell blisters. Pharmacology of Valium medication is a medication showing anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsant properties. Before you tell us about the mechanism of action of the agent in question, you need to understand what it is. The preparation “Valium” has the following patented name – “Diazepam”. This drug belongs to the group of benzodiazepines and is of great importance in medicine.

Valium is a medication that, thanks to its anxiolytic activity, is able to stop internal anxiety, fear, anxiety and stress. Experts argue that “Diazepam” dose-dependent on the central nervous system. In other words, in small amounts (about 2-15 mg per day), this drug causes a stimulating effect, and in large (more than 15 mg per day) – sedative.

Features of the drug.

What is remarkable about such a tool as Valium? The action (central muscle relaxant) of this drug is associated with a slowing of the polysynaptic reflexes in the spinal cord. Admission of this drug leads to a decrease in blood pressure, the expansion of coronary vessels, as well as increasing the resistance of the brain to hypoxia and an increase in the pain threshold of sensitivity. Kinetics. The “Valium” medication, analogues of which are indicated below, is absorbed from the digestive tract (by oral administration). At the same time, absorption is 75%, and the maximum concentration is reached after 1.5 hours. The biological transformation of this medicine occurs in the liver. In this case, active metabolites are formed with a half-life. When the medication is prescribed for infants, the effect is achieved after 30 hours, and for the elderly and adults after 100 and 48 hours, respectively. With hepatic pathologies, this indicator lengthens to 4 days. This drug is excreted from the human body mainly by the kidneys (90%) in the form of conjugates, as well as in unchanged form (2%) and together with feces (8%).
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At what diseases the patient can be appointed “Valium”? Experts say that this drug is indicated for admission under the following conditions: skeletal muscle spasms with local injuries; anxiety disorders; myositis, arthritis, bursitis, pelvis-spondyloarthritis rheumatic, progressive polyarthritis chronic; tetanus; arterial hypertension, dysphoria, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer (as an additional remedy), myocardial infarction; insomnia; angina pectoris; spastic conditions, including cerebral palsy, arthrosis with muscular tension of the skeleton and athetosis; poisoning with medicines; vertebral syndrome; alcohol abstinence syndrome with such manifestations as anxiety, tension, agitation, tremor; status epileptic, relief of epileptic seizures; psychosomatic disorders in gynecology and obstetrics (for example, menopausal and menstrual, with gestosis, to facilitate labor activity); eczema and other diseases, which are accompanied by irritability and itching; Meniere’s disease; paranoid-hallucinatory states, motor excitements of various origins (in psychiatry and neurology); general anesthesia and premedication (for example, before surgical interventions and endoscopic manipulations).
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When should not you use a medicine like Valium? The effect of such a drug will not be what you would like if it is taken: with hypersensitivity; coma, shock; acute alcohol intoxication; acute forms of kidney and hepatic diseases; myasthenia gravis; closed by coal glaucoma; in childhood up to 6 months; in the period of breastfeeding and in the first trimester of pregnancy. Medicinal preparation “Valium”: the instruction on use to appoint or nominate the considered agent should only the skilled expert. For an adult patient, the oral dose should be 5-20 mg per day. This amount of medication is determined depending on the severity of the symptoms of the disease, as well as on the overall clinical picture.


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