Drug description

Truvada is the brand name of the combination medicines Tenofovir and Emtricibitane. It belongs to the group of antiretroviral drugs used for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

The medicine can’t treat HIV completely. However, it is able to prevent the virus from multiplying. Tenofovir can be used as a standalone drug or together with other HIV drugs to decrease the infection.

The combination of drugs for the HIV treatment is decided by the prescribing doctor depending on the severity of infection, your reaction to the drug, age, weight, and after a thorough medical examination to avoid drug interactions and any principal diseases, which can be affected.

Safety information

This combination drug is used mainly to decrease the level of infection or prevent it, especially in people who are at a greater risk of transmission.

Truvada can’t be regarded as a replacement of safe sex and the use of other contraceptives. It can be taken by pregnant women suffering from HIV to avert the transmission to the fetus.

Women suffering from HIV/AIDS must avoid breastfeeding a newborn, because the virus can get into the breast milk.


The drug must be taken at the same time every day. Avoid missing a dose to achieve the best results.

If the drug is not used properly, the HIV strain may become immune to the drug. You must do the blood tests every 3 months to make sure you don’t have any liver/renal issues and bone disorders.

If other medications are taken together with Truvada, take them according to the doctor’s prescriptions.

Adverse effects

Patients taking Truvada should be aware of the potential adverse effects of this medication, as well as some precautions. Tell the doctor if you suffer from kidney/renal dysfunction, bone mineral density diseases or hepatitis B.

Truvada may lead to the disease, known as lactic acidosis, which requires immediate treatment. Therefore, you must know the signs of this disease.

The symptoms of lactic acidosis include:

muscle fatigue,
increased heartbeat,
breathing difficulty,

The common adverse effects caused by the use of this drug are:

head pain,
depressive state,
weight changes.


People can use Truvada after revealing the negative interactions with other HIV drugs. Even though a combination of drugs may be used for the treatment, pain killers, arthritis drug and other medicines containing Tenofovir, Lamivudine, Adefovir, and Emtricitabine must be avoided.

Truvada can affect kidneys or liver. Therefore, you should inform the doctor if you’re using any other pills, such as vitamins, OTC drugs or herbal supplements as they can interact negatively with this drug.

Drug interactions

Drug interactions may affect the way your drugs work or enhance your risk for severe adverse effects. This article doesn’t list all possible drug interactions. Inform your doctor about all the drugs you’re taking (such as prescription/over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements). Never change the drug dose without consulting your doctor.

Some drugs interacting with Truvada include: adefovir, other medicines, which can affect the kidneys (such as aminoglycosides).

Truvada can reduce the efficiency of another drug, atazanavir (by reducing the blood levels). If you’re using atazanavir with Truvada, you may have to take another drug (ritonavir). Ask your doctor for additional information.

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