Trental is a drug from the group of angioprotectors, which aims to improve microcirculation (blood circulation in capillaries). The drug contains a substance of pentoxifylline.



Trental is a drug from the group of angioprotectors, which aims to improve microcirculation (blood circulation in capillaries). The drug contains a substance of pentoxifylline.

Indications for use

Trental is prescribed for a number of diseases, including pathology of the spine. These include the following:

Spinal stroke;

Atherosclerosis of the spine;

Bechterew’s Disease;



Fracture of the spine;

Severe contusions of the spine and its structures.

Drug contraindications

Trental is contraindicated under the following conditions and diseases:

Children under 18 years of age;

Lactation period;


Tendency to bleeding;

Myocardial infarction of the acute phase;

Heart failure;

Low blood pressure (hypotension);

Kidney failure;

Liver failure;

Ulcer of stomach and duodenum;

Allergy to the drug and its components;

Rhythm disorders of the heart;

Surgery less than a week ago before starting treatment with Trental

The principle of action of Trental

Once in the systemic circulation, Trental is immediately sent to the affected capillaries. So the active ingredient of the drug restores the elasticity of the walls of the erythrocytes (red blood cells), inhibits the increased clotting of platelets, improves the flow properties of blood by decreasing its viscosity. The drug also expands the blood vessels by reducing them to spasm.

Trental normalizes metabolism in tissues of the spine and its structures, restores gas exchange. It restores the flow of blood through the vessels of the spinal cord after a stroke, and also restores nerve conduction, at the expense of proper nutrition and blood supply of nerve endings in the affected area.

Method of reception of Trental

Trental in tablet form

Tablets of Trental should be taken orally without chewing or breaking, after ingestion of 100-400 mg 2-3 times per day. The maximum daily dosage is1200 mg. A course of treatment is chosen individually and can range from 2 weeks to several months.

Trental in the form of solution for injection

The solution for injection is intended for intravenous bolus or infusion. If you want to prepare a dropper, you should mix the physiological solution or 5% glucose with 1-6 capsules of Trental and take this mixture during 1 hour. The multiplicity of reception is 1-2 times a day. The maximum daily dosage is 12 vials (1200 mg).

Stream infusion is injected at the dosage of 1 ampoule for 5 minutes 1-2 times a day.

Side effects of Trental

In extremely rare cases, Trental can cause side effects. The main ones include:

Abdominal pain;

Vomiting accompanied by nausea;

Diarrhea, constipation or alternating;

Angina (short-term compressive pain in the chest);


Lowering of blood pressure;

Itching of the skin;



Anaphylactic shock;


Insomnia at night and drowsiness by day;

Increased nervousness;


Blurred vision.

If you experience side effects, you should stop taking the drug, contact your doctor, perform gastric lavage and, if necessary, take symptomatic drugs.

Failure to comply with the recommended dosage of the drug may develop the following symptoms:


Vomiting with coffee grounds (a sign of stomach bleeding);

The decrease of blood pressure;





The increase in body temperature.

If you experience signs of overdose with Trental, you must perform gastric lavage, take symptomatic drugs and intestinal adsorbents.

Special instructions

Trental is contraindicated during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. If necessary, treatment with Trental should be discontinued during breastfeeding.

Children under 18 years shouldn’t use this drug because there are no reliable data on its impact on child development.

The alcoholic beverage does not affect the properties of Trental.


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