Tablets Lizinopril should be taken 1 time per day at the beginning of the day, with plenty of liquid. Admission is allowed only on prescription of the attending physician and in strict accordance with the recommendations for dosage.



Tablets Lizinopril should be taken 1 time per day at the beginning of the day, with plenty of liquid. Admission is allowed only on prescription of the attending physician and in strict accordance with the recommendations for dosage.

Course therapy for diabetic kidney damage involves taking Lizinopril at 10 mg per day. If the expected effect is not achieved or it is not sufficiently stable, the dosage can be doubled. In the treatment of essential hypertension, the maximum daily dose is 40 mg, and the initial single dose is 10 mg. In the future, it is doubled (up to 20 mg). If the expected effect is not achieved, a parallel intake of another drug to reduce the pressure is possible. Treatment of hypertension of the renovascular genesis requires taking 2.5-5 mg per day. Dosage may increase depending on the level of blood pressure. According to the instructions for use of Lizinopril, the maximum daily dose is 20 mg. Lizinopril can be bought on our website.

With myocardial infarction in the first day, the patient is shown taking 5 mg of the drug, then – a similar dose after a day and 10 mg after 2 days. Subsequently, a maintenance dose (10 mg once a day) is taken for 6 weeks or more.

Lizinopril: contraindications

Lizinopril according to the application instructions is not assigned to patients if there are:
Increased sensitivity to the active component;
Congenital insufficiency of lactase enzyme (lactose is present in tablets);
Hypersensitivity to other pharmacological agents from the ACE inhibitor group;
Angioedema (instructions in anamnesis).

The mechanism of action of drugs on the body.

The drug has a pronounced hypotensive, cardioprotective, as well as vasodilating and natriuretic effects.
Dihydrate of Lizinopril inhibits the conversion of angiotensin I into angiotensin II, which ultimately reduces the level of excretion of the hormone aldosterone. The drug also stimulates the process of biosynthesis of prostaglandins. Lizinopril reduces OPSS (total peripheral resistance of blood vessels) and preload. Under its influence, blood pressure decreases and cardiac output and minute blood volume increase. In patients with congestive or left ventricular heart failure, the heart muscle becomes significantly more resistant to stress. A number of positive effects are due to the effect of drugs on the hormone (renin-angiotensin) system of a person responsible for the regulation of blood pressure.

During a sufficiently long therapy, the blood supply to the ischemic areas of the cardiac muscle is significantly improved and myocardial hypertrophy and left ventricular dilation are reduced (possibly even the reverse development of pathological changes). Clinical studies have shown that in patients with CHF, the average life expectancy increases markedly, and the number of hospitalizations decreases.

The effect of the drug begins 1 hour after taking the pill, and the greatest therapeutic effect is achieved after 6-7 hours. With the course of treatment of hypertension, the positive effect of the ACE inhibitor becomes noticeable in the first few days. According to doctors, Lizinopril is observed to achieve a lasting effect within 1-2 months of therapy.

According to the instructions of Lizinopril after oral administration of tablets in the organs of the digestive tract, no more than 60% of the basic drug substance is absorbed. The level of bioavailability of the active substance is about 25% per cent. A small amount of the drug is conjugated to plasma proteins. The substance is practically not biotransformed and excreted in urine unchanged. Half-life takes an average of 12 hours.

Lizinopril: side effects.

In most cases, patients tolerate this drug well. However, the instructions for the use of Lizinopril warns that in some cases the following side effects can be noted:
dyspeptic disorders;
increased fatigue;
excessive drop in blood pressure;
impaired consciousness;
impaired sensitivity (paresthesia);
chest pain;
dry cough;
tachycardia or bradycardia;
a change in the blood picture (anemia, neutropenia);
a violation of taste sensations;
pain in the abdominal region;
increased sweating;
hair loss;
erectile disfunction;
muscle pain;

One of the most formidable possible complications is the development of myocardial infarction in patients with ischemic heart disease (when the required dose is exceeded and the blood pressure drops sharply).

Types of interaction with other pharmacological agents.

Instructions for use Lizinopril argues that the simultaneous administration of these tablets with oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin may cause the development of hypoglycemia. LS slows the excretion of lithium drugs. Adrenomimetics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the therapeutic effect.

Antacids can slow the absorption of an ACE inhibitor in the digestive tract. Parallel use with potassium-sparing diuretics can cause the development of hyperkalemia (high levels of potassium ions in the blood).
Other means for reducing blood pressure and β-blockers potentiate the action of this ACE inhibitor.
The neurotoxic effect of salicylic acid preparations in parallel with Lizinopril is enhanced.
The effectiveness of oral contraceptive pills may decrease.
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