The drug Lioresal intrathecal (in the form of a solution) is prescribed for the treatment of spasmodic reflexes and some diseases that provoke them. It is prescribed for patients who were injured, due to which the chronic plasticity of the brain was formed.




The description of Lioresal.

The drug Lioresal intrathecal (in the form of a solution) is prescribed for the treatment of spasmodic reflexes and some diseases that provoke them. It is prescribed for patients who were injured, due to which the chronic plasticity of the brain was formed.

Do not take all of the information below as an excuse to do self-medication, because in any case, consultation and examination of a professional doctor will not harm. After all, sometimes the symptoms familiar to us can talk about the presence of a more serious disease or pathology that can’t be detected independently. It is for this reason that do not ignore the advice of doctors, always follow the suggested dosages and be healthy! Lioresal can be bought on our site in any quantity.

Form, composition, packaging.

It is present on the market exclusively in the form of a transparent liquid that does not have a pronounced odor. The main component is baclofen. (In other countries, there may be other forms, because directly Baclofen is realized under the trade name Lioresal).
You can buy it on our site in a cardboard box, where there are at least five glass ampoules.

Term and conditions of storage.

It is allowed to store Lioresal intrathecal for three years starting from the day of release. Do not expose to high temperatures and keep away from small children.


Baclofen has a similar effect to gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is the main mediator that participates in central inhibition processes, stimulates presynaptic GABA receptors in the spinal cord. This substance suppresses monosynaptic and polysynaptic reflexes. During the application of the drug, there is no change in the transmission of pulses of neuromuscular synapses. In addition, baclofen has the ability to provide antinociceptive action.

Due to the work of the basic constituent baclofen, the patient’s physical activity gradually increases, there is an opportunity to self-service, and also facilitates more comfortable medical therapy for recovery.

When the drug begins to act and the pain in the spasms weakens in a person, the volume of active movements increases, due to which it is possible to prevent the formation of new bedsores and to heal the already existing ones in a shorter time. The patient starts to get enough sleep during the night rest and monitor the work of the bladder.

But as side effects drowsiness can occur, it will become a little more difficult to breathe, the depressing effect on the cardiovascular system will begin. This is due to the general effect of baclofen on the nervous system.

After baclofen is injected into the spinal cord, an effective effect on muscle spasticity begins, with one used dose being a hundred times less than medications taken by the oral route. The use of this drug makes it possible to avoid the need to lie down on the operating table to a neurosurgeon.
The effect of the drug after the introduction begins no later than one hour and lasts for four or eight hours – it all depends on how large the dose was, how often the main symptoms were manifested, the way of application and the time taken to administer the drug.

With long-term treatment of baclofen, antiseptic action is observed not earlier than six hours, and the maximum effect can be felt after two days.


After injection directly into the spinal cord, the possibility of absorption of all substances of the drug is completely excluded, and its direct effect on the receptor zones of the posterior horns of the spinal vigil is carried out.

And after a single administration of the drug through a bolus injection or short-term infusion, the distribution value is equated to a minimum of 22 and a maximum of 157 milliliters.
During a long continuous course, the concentration of baclofen in the cerebrospinal fluid can reach a level of 130 to 1240 nanograms per milliliter. In this situation, the partial withdrawal of the drug from the body occurs approximately on the second day in an adult. As for children, there is no exact data on this issue.

When the drug is administered with intrathecal infusion, the amount of baclofen in the plasma often does not exceed five nanograms per milliliter, and this figure becomes a real confirmation that the substance penetrates the blood-brain barrier quite slowly. In a similar situation in small patients, the concentration found in the blood plasma is no more than ten nanograms per milliliter.
If we talk about a single use of the drug at a dose of 50 – 136 nanograms per milliliter, half-elimination of the substance from the cerebrospinal fluid will take no more than five hours. In this case, the amount of baclofen in plasma has not been established to date. Lioresal can be bought on our website.

In any case, after long-term treatment or one-time use, but in the lumbar region, the clearance of baclofen from the cerebrospinal fluid is on average equal to thirty milliliters per hour.
In the case of prolonged infusion of the drug, when the equilibrium state is reached, the ratio of the concentrations of the main active substance in the cerebrospinal fluid, obtained during the labial puncture and extracted from the subarachnoidal Cisterns, was 1.8: 1-8.7: 1. These figures are the main evidence that there is still the possibility to effectively cure the plasticity of muscles and limbs, even during a weak impact on the muscle tone of other limbs, that is, hands or feet, depending on the situation and with a minimal number of negative reactions from the side of the central nervous system , which arose due to the effect of the drug on the centers of the brain.


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